Our product ranges include: Rigid Boxes, Printed Paper Bags, Magnetic folding boxes, Folding Cartons.

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    Custom Made IML Robots for Lids

    Custom Made IML Robot for Lids IML Production

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    Side Entry IML Solution For Buckets

    About Side Entry IML Solution For Lids SW850 SW850 is a multi-functional side entry IML system put on market in 2009. With modular design, it can produce lids, cups, buckets up to 20L and kinds of other containers. Line Graph of Side Entry IML Solution SW850 The Measurement of The Side Entry IML Systeme For Lids Model # X1 X2  Y Z L W A B H HS SW850 450 450 400 2300 2840 2200 1400 2580 1920 HS The Characteristic of Side Entry IML Solution SW850 1. Multi-functional: The structure design of SW850 is good for the production of LIDS, Cups, Snack box and Buckets up to 20L.  2. Replenish the label without stop the machine: New designed structure, is possible to replenish the label with the machine running in the automation mode safely.  3. Modular design: With modular design of the magazine and EOAT, it's convenient to change the products line by replace the magazine and the EOAT sets.  The Reasons to Choose SWITEK IML Solution 1. Professional R&D team with 37 senior engineers.  2. More than 10 years' experience in the design and production of IML System.  3. 25 Experienced after service engineers to provide you an on-site installation and maintenance service.  4. 7 x 24 h On-line technical support. 

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10 Years Turn-Key IML Service - 37 Senior IML R&D Engineer - 25 Experienced After Sales Service Engineer

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