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Borche, IML is not only one face

Borche, IML is not only one face

  • 2013-04-29

Borche, an expert of two-platen injection molding machine manufacturer founded in 2003, is famous for it's intelligent two platen injection molding machine. Since the founding in 2003, Borche had been working hard to develop their own technology in injection molding and global sales network. 

SWITEK & Borche cooperated in Chinaplas 2014 to show a 4 cavities rectangular ice cream cups IML solution. Back to 2014, IML is still a new technology of injection molding automation and the IML show of Borche & Switek attracted the attention of thousands of visitors. 

Unlike the round cups mostly will have a wrap IML solution,  three faces IML or 5 faces IML is regarded a better IML solution for rectangular containers. Different from the wrap IML solution, a 3 face or 5 face IML system will have the label placed on the active mold and pick the well labeled containers from the static mold. 

3 Faces or 5 faces IML rectangular cup are mostly used as the ice cream or butter containers. It's a popular container design adopted by world renowned dairy products producers such as Yili, Nestle etc. It's also  a popular decorating solution for larger size container such as snack box etc. 

Below is a demo video of Borche-Switek 3 faces IML solution in Chinaplas 2014


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