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Haida, A Better Designed Yoghurt Cup IML Soution

Haida, A Better Designed Yoghurt Cup IML Soution

  • October 8,2018.

Founded in 1992, Haida is one of the most famous injection molding machine manufacturer in China with its more than 60 models of injection molding machine.  In Chinaplas 2018, Haida work with SWITEK on show our latest solution of 4 cavities Yoghurt IML solution

The high light of this show is the new control system of SWITEK high speed IML system. With can-open technology, the new IML system has a much shorter in mold time with a much higher stability. It'll help to increase 10% of the yield daily. Co-working with Haida high speed injection molding machine, the cycle time of the 4 cavities Youghurt cups IML solution is only 5.5 s, which is about 10% shorter than the old system by Pulse-Dir technology. 

Since the first IML system put on market in 2009, SWITEK work closely with suppliers of control system and key components to improve the efficiency of our in mold labeling system. After more than 10 years' hard working, SWITEK R&D team have finished a complete IML solution of wrap, flat, two faces, three faces and 5 faces of IML solution for lids, cold drink container, 1~20 L buckets, box etc. In the latest Chinaplas 2018 4 cavities one off cups IML show the in mold time had been lowered to only 0.85 s. 

"Together, we create our future.", by working closely with injection molding machine and mold maker, SWITEK is moving forward toward a better IML solution with higher speed and stability to provide our clients a more efficient IML solution. 


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