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    A Brief Introduction of the IML Robot SW7110S  IML Robot SW7110S is a 3 axis servo robot arm designed for injection molding automation. The OX-Head design make it has 30% more space for EOAT. This character make it an ideal IML robot for top entry system. It has a payload up to 5 kg and is an ideal IML robot for the design of top entry IML system for small sized IML containers.  The Line Graph of IML Robot SW7110S SW7110S is an IML Robot for injection molding machine 50 ~ 300T. The line graph to the right is the illustration of how it's installed in the injection molding machine and the distance of stroke moving. To help the engineer to choose a correct IML robot for the IML system, a correct information of the injection molding machine is indispensable. The three key specification of an IML robot are:  . Traverse Stroke (Z): The distance which enable the robot to take out the product and place it on the conveyor.  . Vertical Stroke  (Y): The length of the robot arm to enable the robot pick and take out the product from the mold.  . Cross Stroke (X): The distance of which the robot will be able to move inside the mold.  Other specifications of an IML robot to mention is:  . The height of the robot H: Which is a specification for the reference if the workshop is high enough for the installation of the system.  . The height of the seat HS.  The Specification Of IML Robot SW7110S MODEL SW7110S Recommended IMM (Ton) 50-350 Traverse Stroke(mm) 1400 Vertical Stroke(mm) 1000 Crosswise Stroke(mm) 450 Traverse Drive  3 Axial AC servo Take Out Time(Sec) 1.5 Dry Cycle Time(Sec) 3.3 Power(KVA)/(Phs) 3.9 Single Phase Working Pressure(kgf/cm^2) 5~7 Air Consumption(NL/cycle) 1.8 Max Load (kg) 5 Net Weight(kg) 402 Gross Weight(kg) / Size (L x W x H) mm 2000x1065x1820 The Function Units of the Top Entry Pet Bowl IML Injection Molding System 1. Injection Molding Machine: YIZUMI 250T 2. Mold: Two Cavities Pet Bowl Injection Molding Mold 3. Robot: SWITEK IML Robot SW7110S 4. IML System: SWITEK IML Magazine and control system.  5. Conveyor Other Information of SWITEK Top Entry Pet Bowl IML Injection Molding System 1. Injection Cycle time: 20.25 Seconds. 2. In Mold Time: 3.22 Seconds Tips of IML System Purchasing 1. If you have already an injection molding machine, it's necessary to tell your IML system designer the brand and model number of it. It would be helpful if you have a manual of it available for your IML system designer.  2. If you have already your mold available, please have the 3D drawing of it sent to your IML system designer; If the mold haven't been designed yet, it's better to discuss with your IML system designer how to design it.  3. Which IML Solution is better? The top entry one or side entry? It depends on what to produce and the productivity expected. Generally speaking, the side entry solution has a wonderful performance for small size thin wall containers with an amazing productivity while the top entry solution is attractive in the production of thick wall containers with it's economic cost.  4. If you have nothing but an ideal of what to produce, very easy, tell us your ideal and we'll provide you with a turn-key IML solution just for you.  5. About the lead time, since IML system is an automation solution custom made case by case, it's better to be patient to discuss every detail with your designer to promise a successful installation.  The Video of Two Cavities Top Entry Pet Bowl IML System
  • Biscuit Box
    2 Cavities Biscuit Box Side Entry IML Solution
    Characteristic of 2 Cavities Biscuit Box Side Entry IML Solution  1. Easy for upgrading: For your convenience of multi products IML production wiith the same system, SWITEK side entry 2 cavities biscuit box IML solution adopted a modular design structure. It's convenient to replace the  magazine and EOAT for new products production.  2. High efficiency: SWITEK side entry  2 cavities biscuit box IML solution will finish the cycle of label picking, insertion, product picking and stacking in about 40s.  3. Easy maintenance: All the key components such as servo motor, slide, drag etc are world renowned and available around you for replacement.   Measurement of the Biscuit Box The layout of the mold The specification of the mold MODEL   Cavity Mold Base Cavity & Core Guarantee Mold Life (Short) Hardening Process Injection Way The specification of the injection molding machine MODEL   Screw Diameter Shot Weight Screw Speed (Normal) Screw Speed (Max) Clamping Force (kN) Opening Stroke (mm) Platen Size (mm) Mold Thickness (Min.-Max.) Dimensions (L x W x H) The specification of the robot MODEL SW850 Recommended IMM (Ton) 400-750 Traverse Stroke(mm) 2300 Vertical Stroke(mm) 400 Crosswise Stroke(mm) 450/450 Traverse Drive  4 Axial AC servo Take Out Time(Sec) / Dry Cycle Time(Sec) / Power(KVA)/(Phs) / Working Pressure(kgf/cm^2) 5~7 Air Consumption(NL/cycle) 1.8 Max Load (kg) 15 Net Weight(kg) / Gross Weight(kg) / Size (L x W x H) mm 2840x2200x1920 Video of side entry 2 Cavities Biscuit Box IML Solution 
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