Side entry is the most popular IML solution in the production of Small and medium size IML containers such as yoghurt cups, ice cream cups etc. It's an efficient IML system which combine the robot arm, the magazine and the stacking unit. 

The advantages of a side entry IML system

1. Side entry is the most efficient solution of IML. 

In a side entry IML system the movement of the robot arm is the simplest forward and backward which make it an efficient IML system. With the latest control system of Can-open technology, the in mold time of a 4 cavities one off cups IML solution had been lowered to 0.85 s with a cycle time of only 2.8 s. 

2. Modular design make it convenient to upgrade the production line of the system. 

With modular design, it's convenient to install a new set of magazine, EOAT and stacking unit for another products to be produced in the same injection molding machine. This will help the customer to reduce the investment of the IML facility. 


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