IML Is an efficient way to produce pre-decorated containers. With the advancement of the IML technology, it's more and more widely used in the production of food containers such as snack box, yoghurt cups, ice cream containers, beverage cups etc. No matter it's for IML lids or IML container, to have a successful IML solution it's better to keep the notes below in mind from the very beginning. 

1. IML is a system. 

IML is a system means that in mold labeling is a process co finished by the injection molding machine, the mold and the IML robot. The sequence of the system purchasing should be: Mold-Injection molding machine-IML robot. 

     a. The mold: It's important to take the labeling and injection into consideration in the mold design to ensure the labeling quality and the life of the mold. 

     b. The injection molding machine:  There are two important specification in the  selection of an injection molding machine for IML system. One is shot weight and the other is the opening stroke. A sufficient opening stroke will ensure that the robot have enough space in the mold to finish the picking and label insertion process. The formula to evaluate the opening stroke of an injection molding machine is: Min Opening Stroke = Product Height x 3 + 150 mm. 

     c. The IML system: There are two key points in the selection of IML system. One is the productivity and the other is the structure of the IML system. For Small sized containers with high volume such as yoghurt cup it's better to choose a side entry IML system, it'll have a much lower in mold time. The top entry IML solution is mostly for a products with a long cycle time such as the beach bucket etc. 

2. A smooth communication among the insiders are the guarantee of a successful IML system

IML is a project which composed of injection molding machine, mold and IML System. It's important to have the products manager, the engineer of the injection molding machine, the engineer of the mold and the designer of the IML system come together to have a meeting at the very beginning of the project to have everyone related in the projected well informed the specification of the IML system conducted. 

3. Information to prepare for a successful IML project. 

For a successful IML system it's important to prepare the information of: 

     a. The manual of the injection molding machine. 

     b. The 3D drawing of the mold. 

     c. The expected cycle time of the system. 


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