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SWITEK New IML Robot for Exhibiting at Chinaplas 2019 HaiDa Booth Had Being Ready for Final Trial Running

SWITEK New IML Robot for Exhibiting at Chinaplas 2019 HaiDa Booth Had Being Ready for Final Trial Running

  • May 18,2019.

With the cooperation of engineers from both SWITEK and HaiDa, the new SWITEK IML Robots exhibiting at Chinaplas 2019 HaiDa booth (Booth No. : 3.1J01) had been well installed for final testing on May 19, 2019 for global visitors.


The new injection molding machine which Ningbo HaiDa Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Promoting this year is their new full electric injection molding machine HD230JE. It’ll work with SWITEK new IML Robot SW833-19 to demo the high speed IML production of a 4 cavities 500ml beverage cups. The cycle time tested in house is 6s and expected to be shortened to around 5.5s after program optimization during Chinapals 2019.


To demo the high speed IML solution for the second consecutive year with SWITEK showed the ambitions of HaiDa to expand it’s share at the booming IML market. Also shows their confidence toward the performance of SWITEK IML system.


Different from SW833-18, the new IML system is concerned more about the operating and magazine switching efficiency. With more and more small and medium sized food and beverage producer choose to have IML container as the package, the capacity of small batch customization would be a trend for any IML container producer. The new SWITEK IML robot is the one designed for this purpose. The modularized magazine and EOAT sets and top open structure make the switching of the magazine and EOAT sets for different containers production much more efficient. And the new structure provided more space for the magazine to enable a more cavities mould design. With all these advantages, engineer from SWITEK finished the trial running of the new system only two days after the machine arrive the factory of NingBo HaiDa plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.


To learn more features of SWITEK new IML robot SW833-19, you can visit the booth 3.1J01 in Chinaplas 2019. And you can also visit the booth of SWITEK at 12.1R21 for more information about our new IML promotional scheme. 


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