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SWITEK-Yizumi, New speed, new cooperation

SWITEK-Yizumi, New speed, new cooperation

  • 2018-04-28

Yizumi, a world famous injection molding machine manufacturer founded in 2002 in China, is a high tech enterprise specialized in injection molding automation. Since the founding in 2002, the development of Yizumi never stop. By the end of 2017, it's sales revenue turned out to be RMB 2.08 billion, around US$3 billion. It's a remarkable achievement in such a competitive market with so many injection molding machine manufacturer in China.

The cooperation between SWITEK & Yizumi started from the co-show of high speed IML solution in Chinaplas and other exhibitions of rubber and plastic injection molding machinery. By strategic cooperation SWITEK working closely with Yizume to provide our clients a turn-key injection molding automation solution.

2017 is an important year in the development of SWITEK IML technology. Working with YIZUMI high speed injection molding machine, SWITEK have the in mold time shorted to 1.08 s in the demonstration of 4 cavities water cups IML production in the in house exhibition of YIZUMI CONNECT TO 2017. It's a noticeable achievement in IML technology.

The step of moving forward will never stop. In Chinaplas 2018 SWITEK working with YIZUME to shorter the in mold time to 0.85 s with the same injection molding machine and mold and have the cycle time lowered to 2.8 s only. Attracted the attention of thousands of visitors world wide.

Not only IML, the cooperation between SWITEK & Yizumi had been expanded to the standard 3 axis servo robot and related automation solution, cutlery automation solution etc. By working with YIZUMI, SWITEK will provide our up to date injection molding automation solution to clients worldwide.

Together, we create our future.


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