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Thailand, A Vast But Challenging Marketing To Switek Automation

Thailand, A Vast But Challenging Marketing To Switek Automation

  • 2019-06-22


Interplas Thailand 2019 opened on June 19, 2019 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center and I'm lucky to be granted the opportunity to visit this big event with SWITEK general manager Mr. Wu and our CTO Mr. Lee for a better marketing planning of our IML Solutions in Thailand. We learned a lot about the current application of IML technology in Thailand by talking to the exhibitors and local entrepreneurs. To SWITEK IML Robots & IML Solutions, Thailand is a huge potential market; but at the same time, the challenge ad opportunity co-existing.

Facilities Made In Japan, European and America Still Dominate Thai Plastic Industry

Sine the big injection molding facilities brand such as HUSKY, Star entered Thai plastic machinery market at 1970s and has both sound reputation and solid partnership with local plastic industry insider. It would be difficult for Chinese facilities manufacturer to enter this market. But the opportunity is, most of the injection molding machines are installed 20 years ago. It's time for the local plastic industries entrepreneurs to upgrade their facilities for the oncoming Industry 4.0. For SWITEK IML Solutions and IML robot, it's an opportunity to build up our sales and service channels and high light our image with successful IML application in Thailand.

injection robot

Tourism Economy Is Nurturing a Huge Potential Market of IML Beverage Cups, It's a Big Opportunity to SWITEK IML Solutions

Strategic shows, Thai incoming tourist exceed 39 million in 2018, which is an amazing potential market for IML beverage cup manufacturers. Different from heat transfer printing, IML solutions will help to produce a much more colorful beverage cup. And with the new label printing technology and standardization of the volume of the beverage cups, it's possible to custom make the beverage cups for small and medium sized chain restaurant and juice house. According to our experience in China, an IML beverage cups manufacturer will cover the cost of facilities in 10~12 months.

Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

To Succeed in the Competition of IML Solutions in Thailand, SWITEK is Seeking the Cooperation With the Local Entrepreneurs

It's lucky that we got the opportunity to have a dinner with Mr. Ho,  the Executive Secretary General of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce introduced by Mr. Tang, the Director of SLD. With more than 38 years' experience in the business injection molding machinery trading, Mr. Ho introduced to us the history and current situation of Thai Injection Molding Industry, and the function and influence of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, one of the three initiator of WCEC, the NGO to help  the overseas Chinese entrepreneurs better serve the development of local economy. Due to the culture and language difference, the best way for SWITEK IML Solutions to enter Thailand IML Machinery market is cooperating with local entrepreneurs. We're sure that SWITEK IML Solutions will succeed in the competition of Thai IML Machinery Market with the combination of SWITEK IML engineering talents and the social relationship of local entrepreneurs. 

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As Mr. RenZhengFei, the founder of Huawei Group said:"Success may also become a negative equity. Although the success experience is a fortune of us, but if we can't make it a theory, and didn't realize the nature of the success. Our success sill also make us feel conceited and hider the development in the future." The visiting of Thailand help us to better understand the local market. We're confident that an IML Solution tailor made for local market would be the IML solution welcomed by the local entrepreneurs and will help SWITEK IML Solutions to win out in this dynamic country. 


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