Top entry IML Solution is a flexible IML solution with a 3 axis servo robot arm as the core robot to finish the process of  label insertion, products picking and products stacking. It's an economic IML solution for products of a longer cycle time with a small volume such as beach buckets etc. 

1. The advantages of the top entry IML solution

a. Economic: The top entry IML system  with a standard 3 axis servo robot arm as the core robot to finish the process of label insertion, product picking and product stacking. Only the magazine and EOAT of the robot are custom made. The cost of the top entry IML solution is about 15% lower than the side entry IML solution for the same product. 

b. Less floor space occupied: For a top entry IML system the robot would be installed on the top of the injection molding machine and will need the floor space for the magazine and conveyor only, it'll need much less floor space than the side entry solution and will enable the enterprise to install more injection molding machine in the workshop. 

c. Flexible: It's convenient to produce non-IML products with the same injection molding machine with only the EOAT to be replaced. Unlike the side entry solution, if the enterprise stopped the production of the IML products they'll need to buy a new robot for the new products. The cost of products renewing is much higher. 

2. The disadvantages of the top entry IML solution

Less Efficient: For top entry IML solution the label insertion and products picking are done respectively. It'll need a longer in mold time so to prolong the cycle time of the system. 


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