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Well Prepared for K-Show, The Cycle Time of SWITEK High Speed IML System is 0.3s Shorter

Well Prepared for K-Show, The Cycle Time of SWITEK High Speed IML System is 0.3s Shorter

  • August 2,2019.

Approaching European Standard, SWITEK High Speed IML is Accelerating

For a Higher Productivity, the Cycle Time of SWITEK High Speed IML System is 0.3s Shorter

Another China Speed, SWITEK 4 Cavities Yoghurt Cups IML Solution Approaching 2.0s

Spot News, The Cycle Time of SWITEK IML Robot for K-SHOW Approaching 2.0s

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KUNSTSTOFF (K-SHOW), the largest exhibition of plastic and rubber industry, is opening on Oct. 16-23. It’s one of the best opportunity for SWITEK IML System to enter European Market, and it’s also one of the best opportunity for SWITEK to demonstrate our up to date achievement in IML technology.

For K-Show 2019, SWITEK will again cooperate with Yizumi to demonstrate our high speed 4 cavities Yoghurt cups IML solutions. Since our first cooperation in Chinaplas 2018, SWITEK/YIZUMI high speed IML solution have the cycle time reduced from 2.8s in Chinaplas 2018 to 2.1s in the on coming K-Show. It’s seems not much to reduce 0.7s per injection cycle, but it means a productivity increase of around 40,000pcs of 110ml Yoghurt cups per day.

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The shortest cycle time record of IML solution is produced in K-Show 2016 by Demag high speed IML solution which is 1.6s in a 4 cavities 110ml Yoghurt cups IML production demo. Shocked by the world advanced technology, SWITEK IML R&D team devoted to the development of our own high speed IML technology. The hard working is rewarding. The cycle time of SWITEK high speed IML Solution approaching 3s by the end of 2017; and 2.8s in Chinaplas 2018; 2.4s in May 24, Chinaplas 2019 and well prepared for a new cycle time 2.1s for the on coming K-Show in Oct. 16, 2019. Although it’s only 1s reduction in the cycle time, but it’s a remarkable achievement of engineers from both Yizumi and SWITEK. It’s a result of structure and system optimization of injection molding machine, the mold and the IML robot.


Ranked as the top 3 most competitive plastics machinery enterprises in 2019 by China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Yizumi is one of the most dynamic injection molding machine manufacturer in the world. With their PAC series high speed injection molding machine, their market share in the thin wall container production machinery increased dramatically in the past 5 years. The cooperation between Yizumi and SWITEK in the field of high speed IML Solution is a mega-merger to provide global clients more option of high speed IML Solution.

K-Show 2019 is coming soon, the new SWITEK IML System will on show at Hall 13, D80 with Yizumi high speed injection molding machine PAC200. By cooperate with Yizumi and other injection molding machine manufacturer, SWITEK will accelerate the building of sales network in the European market and provide better IML solutions to customers worldwide with better service.


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