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Work with Huaye, to provide industrial leader a turn-key IML solution

Work with Huaye, to provide industrial leader a turn-key IML solution

  • October 8,2018.

Founded in 1984, YongKang Huaye Mold CO., Ltd. is one of the leading ice cream container manufacturer in China. The production line of Huaye include the paper ice cream cup, IML caps for ice cream cups, plastic IML cups for ice cream and ice cream molds. With competitive design and production capacity, HUAYE is the long term strategic supplier to the leading ice cream manufacturer in China such as Yili, Mengniu, Wufeng, Youkang. 

The cooperation between SWITEK and HUAYE started in 2012 to produce the IML caps for the new ice cream brand Yili Pasture by the leading ice cream producer Yili group. Since then SWITEK delivered 8 IML system for a series of products include ice cream cups,  Yoghurts cups and IML caps to provide customers a turn key cold drink IML  container solution. 

Since the first IML system delivered in 2009, by working with the industrial leader such as HUAYE, SWITEK made continued progress in IML technology and the made a recorded in mold time of 0.85 s in Chinaplas 2018, attracted the attention of thousands of visitors world wide. 

"Together, we create our future", SWITEK will never stop the pursuing of new technology in IML to narrow the gap between SWITEK  IML and the world leading IML technology. 


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